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Human Resources


As an employee of Fulton State Hospital, you will be joining a team that has made this hospital a community asset, a respected behavioral health facility, and a leader in mental health education for the State of Missouri.

At Fulton State Hospital every position is important and we hope you will join our team and our core values of people, learning, partnerships, relationships, sustainability and stewardship. Your commitment to these values is critical for our mutual success and community and economic development.  We hope your career path leads you to us and that your experience here will be challenging, rewarding and enjoyable.

At Fulton State Hospital, you will be an integral part of a very challenging work environment. You will provide care to individuals suffering from mental illness, particularly individuals who have come in conflict with the law. With varied journeys that brought each individual to our facility, we take a trauma-informed care approach to his or her care and treatment. If you are caring and compassionate, and someone who can model respectful behavior, you will make a difference in the lives of individuals seeking treatment at our facility!

Working for Fulton State Hospital comes with an amazing State Benefits package for all benefit-eligible positions! Benefits include Employee Leave, Insurance, an Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Retirement, a Deferred Compensation Plan, as well as various stipend plans.

From working as a psychologist, nurse, social worker, or support care assistant in minimum or high security units. The possibility is real; you can change a life or save a life.