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Children's Safety Network Missouri Report

Missouri Adolescent Behavioral Health in Brief: A Short Report from the Office of Applied Studies (September 2009, 10 pages)

This report provides a snapshot of behavioral health among adolescents in Missouri. Data in the report is derived principally from national surveys conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, Office of Applied Studies.

Missouri: States in Brief: A Short Report from the Office of Applied Studies (December 2008, 8 pages)

This state-based report is intended to give the reader a quick overview of substance use and mental health issues within Missouri.

The Burden of Substance Abuse on the State of Missouri (2008, 32 pages)

This report identifies the economic costs associated with substance use disorders and the burden of these costs on state government and other entities. It summarizes prevalence estimates and the relationship of substance use to social problems such as traffic crashes, addiction, crime, delinquency, and incarceration. The report examines pre-natal use, injection drug use, and other high-risk behaviors and populations. It also emphasizes the availability and importance of treatment for substance use disorders.

Alcohol, Drug and Tobacco Use in Missouri: A Profile in Prevention and Treatment (2006, 140 pages)

This report provides data illustrating the prevalence and trends in alcohol, drug, and tobacco use in Missouri. When possible, Missouri data are compared to national rates. This report also presents data on the costs and consequences of substance misuse. (Note: To print this document, change your settings to landscape orientation and double-sided printing).

Methamphetamine in Missouri: A Policy Brief (2004, 19 pages)

This report describes methamphetamine manufacturing and trafficking, physiological reactions, and health consequences associated with its use. It also includes both state and national epidemiological data describing the prevalence of methamphetamine use as reported by the Community Epidemiology Work Group.

MDMA in Missouri: A Policy Brief Exploring Patterns of Abuse (2002, 20 pages)

This report discusses the history of MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine), often referred to as Ecstasy, its relationship to other drugs, its manufacturing and trafficking, and the physiological reactions and health consequences associated with its use. A review of national and Missouri epidemiological data describes the prevalence and patterns of its use. Recommendations for treatment, prevention, and policy are discussed and resources for additional study are provided.

OxyContin in Missouri: A Policy Brief Exploring Patterns of Abuse (2002, 27 pages)

This report describes what was known about OxyContin and other brands of oxycodone in 2002. It presents national and local data on misuse and ideas for effective prevention and treatment in Missouri. The report notes that some of the communities experiencing significant problems with oxycodone have demographics similar to Missouri communities. There is some evidence that misuse of these drugs OxyContin is becoming a trend in America's heartland. The report emphasizes the importance for Missouri to examine the prevention and interdiction models developed by neighboring states and respond proactively to this emerging problem.

Missouri Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment Study 2: Assessing Substance Use Prevention Needs Using Social Indicators (2002, 164 pages)

The Department of Mental Health began this study in 1999 under the direction of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention. It was one of four research-based projects initiated to facilitate prevention planning, identify high-risk populations, select appropriate strategies, and assess program effectiveness. The social indicators component was designed to use existing and readily available county-level data to characterize substance misuse levels and risk factors in each Missouri county. Data were collected for a five-year period from 1995-1999 and presented in the report.

Missouri Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment Study 2: County Risk Profiles (2002)

This document consists of the Missouri County Risk Profiles derived from the data in the Prevention Needs Assessment Study 2.

Missouri Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment Study 4: Integrative Findings from the Missouri Substance Abuse Prevention Needs Assessment Project (2002, 113 pages)

This report integrates data and findings from the Social Indicators (Study 2) report and the 2000 Missouri Student Survey report. Its purpose was to promote research-based prevention using empirical data, social indicators, and state-of-the-art analysis techniques. The report presents correlations between substance use and risk and protective factors within the domains of individual, peer, school, family, and community. The relative risk for substance disorders and need for prevention services are examined geographically throughout Missouri.