DBH Policy and Procedures

On this page you will find current Division of Behavioral Health policies and procedures to include new changes/updates being announced, program specific and general operating information.

General Operations Policy Manual

Active Memos

Program Specific Policies and Manuals

Certified Community Behavioral Health Organizations

  1. CCBHO Clinical Implications for Community Support, Peer Support, and Family Support Services in CPR and CSTAR Programs
  2. CCBHC Clinical Implications for Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) and ACT/Transition Age Youth (TAY)
  3. CCBHC Clinical Implications for Screening, Assessment and Treatment Planning in CPR, CSTAR, Outpatient Mental Health and Outpatient Substance Use Disorder Programs
  4. CBHC Clinical Implications for Outpatient Substance Use Treatment Programs
  5. CCBHC Criteria for Access to Care
  6. CCBHC/O DCO Requirements for Crisis Behavioral Health Services

Justice Involved Treatment

  1. Civil Involuntary Detention Orders: Addressing CIMOR and Clinical Utilization Review Issues
  2. Community Mental Health Treatment and Offenders with Serious Mental Illness Programs Memo
  3. Community Mental Health Treatment and Offenders with Serious Mental Illness Programs Bulletin
  4. CMHT OSMI Procedure Codes - updated
  5. Peer Support Added to CMHT/OSMI Programs
  6. DOC Liaison and Communications 
  7. Designated DOC Liaisons and Communications


  1. SATOP Bulletin Missed Appointment Fee
  2. SATOP Comparable Programs
  3. SATOP Bulletin Qualified Substance Abuse Professional and SATOP Qualified Professional
  4. SATOP Policy & Procedure Manual

State Opioid Response (SOR)

  1. GPRA Information for SOR 3.0
  2. GPRA Information for SOR Providers
  3. GPRA Follow-up Incentive and Group Education 
  4. SOR Funds Management Strategies and Policies
  5. STR/SOR and Medicaid Benefits
  6. Transition to New CSAT GPRA Tool for SOR Treatment Providers
  7. CSAT GPRA Tool