Disease Management Projects: DM 3700 and SUD DM

This page is designed for use by DM 3700 and SUD DM Coordinators and staff. Click here if you would like to know more about mental illness or substance use services.

MO Disease Management Projects

The Disease Management (DM) Projects outreach Medicaid-eligible adults who have a serious mental illness or substance use disorder, high medical costs, and are not currently receiving behavioral health services. This webpage contains policy, information, achievements, and reports regarding the MO DM Projects.  DM is considered an unofficial outreach component for MO Community Mental Health Center (CMHC) Healthcare Homes (HCH).  The CMHC HCHs assist individuals in accessing needed health services and supports, in learning to manage their health conditions, and in improving individuals’ general health by monitoring health conditions, healthcare needs and intervening when health conditions are not properly controlled or managed. HCHs promote and encourage wellness, healthy lifestyles and preventative care, educate and teach persons how to better manage their chronic health conditions, educate agency staff about chronic health conditions and how to manage them, and encourage a population health approach to help improve chronic health conditions for persons served by CMHCs.  To learn more about HCH click on the link: Community Mental Health Center Healthcare Homes

DM Policy Manual 

DM Reports

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DM Training Links

The Missouri Coalition for Community Behavioral Healthcare and the Missouri Department of Mental Health are sponsoring the Well Missouri website for champions of health and wellness. On the Well Missouri website you will find health and wellness articles, news, videos, and webinars. You can find documents from trainings, meeting minutes, activities, PowerPoints, and much more